Guided by the belief that Health is not merely the absence of disease,

members and volunteers of Global Health Advocates India Society seek to engage all sections of society, including beneficiary communities, solutions providers and societal leaders, to support the fight against diseases and their supportive conditions.

Many of these diseases and conditions disproportionately affect people living in poverty, and are also the leading causes of people living in poverty.


GHA India believes credible and objective evidence is crucial to formulating policies and for evaluating effective implementation of these policies.

Community engagement

GHA India believes that policies are effective when they reflect the felt needs and aspirations of the community. GHA India does this by enabling communities to better understand the issues.

Leadership engagement

GHA India believes that an informed public leader is best placed to represent the needs of the community in the policy making process.

Infectious Diseases

Tuberculosis: Universal access to quality assured diagnosis and treatment of all forms of TB / Prevention of emergence of Drug resistance

Viral Hepatitis: Creating a national Viral Hepatitis response with affordable, state of the art prevention, diagnosis and treatment services


Immunization:Ensuring that all newborn citizens of India are fully protected from vaccine preventable diseases

Nutrition and Growth Monitoring: Ensuring that all newborn children not only survive, but thrive, and enter school fully fit for learning

Girls & Women

Nutrition & Education: Ensuring that girls get the same nutrition and education as boys, enabling their full participation in society.

Reproductive Choice: Ensuring that all women have the ability to choose when to get pregnant, and have a safe pregnancy outcome.


Processes, Products & Policies: Actively seeking out and supporting the evaluation, adoption and financing of innovations to improve health outcomes in India

Our Principles

Our areas of focus